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Frequently Asked Questions

Bioscan Health Checks in Bristol

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Please find below a selction of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please ask.

Q: Is the BioScan safe ?

The BioScan Wellness System works similarly to an EKG or EEG and emits a very low electrical current and is non-invasive and considered extremely safe. 


Q: How many visits are needed?

Most clients require on average seven visits. Patients with complicated health challenges may require a more comprehensive program with additional visits. 

If you imagine an onion, which has many layers that need to be peeled away – this works in a similar way. We start out with more general groups and as we make our way through the programme, it becomes more specific and focused.

Q: How long is a typical appointment?

Each appointment is up to an hour.

Q: Is the BioScan safe for children?

Yes, the BioScan is safe for children.





Starting from £95 for a full body scan – ask about our special packages